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Cyber War

Today's Date -- 9/22/2011

Summary of Worst Year for Hacker Invasion, 2003:

In 2003, viruses and worms not only caused billions of dollars in damages and clean-up costs. They went so far as to shake the Internet's backbone. They slowed down travel, halted 911 calls, and knocked out ATM machines. From the Slammer attack in January to the MSBlaster and Sobig family that attacked in August, it was one rough year.

Today's Date -- 3/30/2016

1. Social Security numbers, Security Clearances, and identity theft hacked from Office of Personnel Management! 2. Hacking of pass codes of Government Contractors to steal secrets! 3. Target's credit cards stolen!

''Viruses and worms are being written now for financial gain,'' says Steve Sundermeier, vice president of products and services at Central Command Inc., an anti-virus company based in Medina, Ohio. ''They're prodding users, for credit card information, bank account information, Social Security numbers. The worms are better disguised because they've upped the ante since they're writing for criminal purposes now... It makes it a lot harder to fight.''

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